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What if every child finished high school, went to college or university, got a job and gave back to our community? Wouldn't that be something?

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There is no more important investment we can make than to help children right here in our own communities realize their full potential

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We have made a few changes to the Big Bucks 50/50 draw to allow our volunteers more time to process the coins and to improve efficiency. Registration forms will now be available ONLY at the Big Brothers – Big Sisters office – 26 Logan Street. This will allow us to manage sales in a more efficient manner. Also: All Big Buck boxes are now picked up on Mondays by 2 pm. We start in Stewiacke around 8:30 am, work our way to MacQuarrie's in Brookfield by 9 am, then onto Double "C", Petro Can, Truro Mall. We usually hit Tatamagouche around 10:30 am with ALL boxes picked up by 1:30 ish. Of course routes may change due to road conditions, weather etc so you should play by Sunday to be sure.

The final place to play is at the BBBS office BY 4:15 on Mondays (except holiday Mondays when we are closed)

Check the date on the front of the box.
Drop by or call us at 895-4562…and thanks so much to everyone for playing and supporting local. 

This week's draw:

The Big Bucks number drawn on July 19th was #12170 and was NOT played. The pot was $18,766 playing for $9,383

Next draw: Tuesday July 26th, 2016 

Estimated pot is $36,000 playing for $18,000

If you have ever purchased a number ...it is still in the drum and could be drawn at any time. You must play to win :)
Call 902-895-4562 if you have forgotten your number(s)


Please note that ALL boxes are picked up on Monday's....please play by Sunday to ensure your number is in the draw:
Box locations:

Truro Mall Lottery Booth
Bible Hill Bowlacade
MacQuarries in Brookfield
Stewiacke Foodland
Grant's Grocery - North River
Valley Variety
Kennedy's Variety (Ryland Ave)
Fulton's Pharmacy in Tatamagouche

MacQuarrie's Bible Hill
MacQuarrie's Esplanade
East End Mini Mart
McWilson's Gas Stop
Double C Truckstop
Petro Can on Robie
Bible Hill Esso
Big Brothers - Big Sisters office

Numbers can be played at the BBBS office at 26 Logan Street up till 4:15 pm on Mondays (except on holidays)
Please note we cannot do pre-pays on Tuesday's until after the draw.

Call 902-895-4562 to pre - pay for 10, 26 or 52 weeks

Our goal for 2016 is to provide service to over 300 children and youth. Your financial support will help us to achieve this....Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer driven organization so please consider volunteering your TIME....Be a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, In School Mentor, Go Girls leader or Peer Mentor. Right now there are 80 kids waiting for a volunteer like you!!


Call us at 902-895-4562 for more information. Thank you!!


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Being a "BIG" is easier than you think!

Right now there are 46 great kids...mostly boys...waiting for a Big Brother, In School Mentor or a Big Couple 

It's fun.....rewarding..and doesn't take nearly as much time as you might think!!
Call us at 895-45-62

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