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Right for Me

The "Right for Me" program was developed to meet the particular needs of young boys growing up in today's world. The GROUP program currently runs as a summer program for boys ages 10 - 13 years of age.

The program strives to help boys become aware of the choices they make in their day - to -day lives. Through group interaction, games, discussions, role playing and participation the Right for Me program builds self confidence and a realization of talents, abilities and goals. It increases their self awareness and knowledge of alternatives and resources that are available. The aim is to have boys make stronger and healthier decisions.

Groups ideally consist of 10-12 boys with similar backgrounds and life experiences. 

Life Choices

Life Choices is a GROUP program designed to address the specific needs and issues of girls ages 11 to 13. It is a currently offered as a summer program. It includes group interaction, games, discussions, role playing and participation.

Life Choices helps girls become aware of their options and helps them to make effective and positive life choices. It builds self confidence and helps girls realize their talents. abilities and goals. The ultimate goal is to help girls become aware of choices they make in everyday life and the consequences of those choices. The group setting (usually 10 -12 per group) provides a setting of security, approval and trust.


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